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3-Way Conferences

LWIS Istanbul Three-Way Conferences Essential Agreements

What is a Three-Way Conference?

A Three-Way Conference is an opportunity for learners to share their strengths, areas for growth and to set a learning goal with the other members of our learning community: the teachers and the parents.

Why do we have Three-Way Conferences?

As a learning community that believes in creating pathways for learners to become ‘self-regulated’, the three-way conference is an opportunity that values learners’ strengths and empowers them to be self-directed towards improvement and growth.

Who do the Three-Way Conferences involve?

The child, as the center of the learning process; the teacher, the child’s parent(s), and a specialist teacher or language teacher where appropriate.

How do Three-Way Conferences take place?

Each child will have a 10-minute time frame to discuss their areas of strengths and growth and to set a goal. Parents will book an online appointment for the meeting to take place on Teams.

What is the role of the student, teacher, and parent?




Before the 3-way conference

  • Discuss the purpose of the conference with the learners
  • Facilitate the process of identification of sample work that reflect areas of growth and strengths
  • Encourage reflection on learning
  • Specialist teachers share student strengths and goals with homeroom teachers/advisors
  • Familiarize learners with the template for goal setting and the protocol of the 3-way conference
  • Have learners practice role-playing with their peers
  • Review the guidelines of the conference with the learners
  • Discuss the 3-way conference with the child
  • Select samples of work to reflect strengths and areas of growth
  • Identify areas of strengths (I am proud of …, I am good at…)
  • Identify areas of growth (I would like to improve in …, I would like to work on...)
  • Help create a comfortable space for learners to lead their conference and for parents to participate in it
  • Ask questions to guide and facilitate the conference process
  • Be an active listener
  • Document the learners’ strengths, areas of growth and the goal
  • Respect the timeslot assigned to the child
  • Be an active listener
  • Encourage the use of the mother tongue
  • Share feedback, ask questions
  • Be supportive of the child
  • Offer suggestions in how they could achieve their goals
  • Take the lead of the conference
  • Talk about personal strengths and areas of growth
  • Set an achievable goal
  • Discuss how parents and teachers can help


  • Create opportunities for learners to track and achieve their goals
  • Reflect on the conference
  • Thank the parents and students for participating in the process
  • Praise your child’s efforts
  • Share the conference with the family
  • Reflect on how well your child expressed herself/himself and communicated throughout the conference
  • Support your child’s strengths’ and areas for growth
  • Think about ways to achieve the goal
  • Reflect on the conference
  • Be proud of the journey!

What do conferences look like for Early Learners (EL1, EL2 & EL3)?

The conferences for our Early Learners will be different, using different language. For areas of strengths, we use the term ‘stars’ and for areas of growth, we use the term ‘a wish’; hence the conference will be called "Two Stars and a Wish”.

The homeroom teacher will allocate times for parents to join their child’s "Two Stars and a Wish” conference. Children can use their mother tongue during the conference. Early Learners will select various learning experiences to discuss and share with the parents.

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