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Primary School

Inquiry is the main pedagogical approach to learning and teaching. As a newly established school we aspire to become an IB World School, similar to our sister schools in the LWIS Network. Our curriculum is inquiry based, planned to support learners to develop life-long learning skills.

Our programme places emphasis on the growth of the whole child through incorporating challenging and engaging learning experiences that allow learners to develop international mindedness, their cultural needs, as well as different aspects of their social, emotional, physical wellbeing.

Below are a few points that identify our learning framework:

  • Learning is transdisciplinary; subjects are incorporated through meaningful connections to the real world.
  • Learning is focused on learners’ needs and interests versus as set curriculum.
  • Learners are empowered to take action in their community as well as locally and globally as a result of powerful learning.
  • Creativity and innovation are encouraged through various opportunities designed to allow learners to seek solutions, create and share their creativity for a better world.

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